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  • What Love Is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God - DVD

    DVD by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call

    Does the Bible present a gospel which can only be understood by a select group of theologians? This power-packed presentation captures the essence of Dave Hunt's book of the same title and provides a succinct historical overview for a careful analysis of the issues involved.


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  • Is Calvinism Biblical? AUDIO CD

    This lively exchange between Dave and James White clearly demonstrates the contrast between the opposing sides of this old controversy which is both educational and revealing.

    73 minutes

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  • T.U.L.I.P. and the Bible BOOK

    Book by Dave Hunt

    Thousands of readers have been wonderfully and powerfully influenced by Dave Hunt’s authoritative, 590-page hardcover treatise on Calvinism,  What Love Is This?  but many have asked for a more concise analysis of “reformed” theology.

    Designed to help believers navigate the confusing and conflicting views surrounding the Five Points of Calvinism, commonly known by the acronym, T.U.L.I.P.

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  • The Five Points Of Calvinism BOOK

    by George Bryson

    The distinctives and doctrines of Calvinism (relative to the doctrine of salvation) are most evident in The Five Points Of Calvinism. To understand the Five Points as Calvinists do, you must see them as the expression of the Calvinistic definition of predestination, which must in turn be viewed as the basis of their doctrine of salvation.

    From the back cover: It is amazing that so many Christians call themselves Calvinists and yet few understand Calvinist doctrine. A careful look at Calvinism in light of Scripture, before it is embraced, is the best possible way for Christians to protect themselves against this error of considerable consequence.

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