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  • The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge BOOK

    The Masonic Lodge offers its members social prestige, brotherhood, a sense of mystery, and an opportunity to do charitable work. But that's not all there is to Masonry.

    The philosophies and symbols used in the Masonic rituals all point to a world view that includes God as a benevolent but unapproachable father who holds all men as his children, regardless of their beliefs. The secrecy and rituals are also reminiscent of paganism and the occult.

    Yet, Masons are promised that nothing in Masonry's teachings will ever conflict with the Christian faith. Is the Masonic Lodge deceiving its Christian members?

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  • Freemasonry: From Darkness To Light DVD

    A comparison between Masonry and Witchcraft. Startling similarities... Learn More

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  • The Masonic Lodge: What You Need to Know BOOKLET

    QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - Ed Decker compares teachings of Masons with Scripture.

    These 16-panel, full-color, handy fold-out summaries are just the ticket for aiding in the discernment of various teachings.

    Most material considered sensitive by Masons has been removed from public access. After much searching and diligence, Decker has acquired hundreds of key volumes and thousands of articles—including those written by Freemasonry’s recognized authorities. This Pamphlet is based on those sources.

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